headshotHi, my name is Kerry and I’m the founder of the Academy of Well-Being and author of Harnessing the Principles of Well-Being. I’m an adjunct professor teaching college-level courses in Writing, Business Communications, English Literature, and Project Management. I’m also a corporate Training Director executing transformational learning programs such as Managing Change, Diversity and Inclusion, Business Transformation, and Connected Leadership. But, my true passion is in personal growth and transformation. I strongly believe in the power of recovering one’s life, healing from our emotional wounds, and transforming our lives to something we consciously define, versus allowing outside forces, circumstances, and situations to govern our happiness and sense of well-being.

See, four years ago I embarked on a new direction in my life, leaving behind a substance abuse problem, debilitating depression, and an unsatisfying life. I did ALL this by learning the 12 principles of life transformation I will teach you, incorporating them into my life, and fully living them day-to-day. I wrote this course so you too can learn these principles and use them to change your life in fundamental ways.

I wish you well and much happiness, Kerry

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. It is not often someone talks about our triggers and our obsessive thoughts so clearly. I look forward to reading and learning more, Thank you Debbie


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